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No matter how challenging, complex, large, small, or simple your commercial project is, you can be assured your steel detailing drawings, 3-D models and BIM files will be detailed with the highest accuracy and delivered in a timely manner. Our team of steel detailing experts are experienced on all types of commercial steel detailing projects. Our resources and expertise make us a perfect match for your shops’ projects.

PROZTEEL stays on the cutting edge of technology by using the latest available software in order to produce the most accurate structural steel drawings, shop drawings, miscellaneous steel detailed drawings, and framing plans for commercial projects. PROZTEEL can accommodate many different file exports as well as material data file formats. We believe part of the secret to our success is the combination of using the latest technology available, regular software upgrades, and the capability of handling and delivering different file types.

Commonly delivered file types to our partner clients, depending upon their requirements are -:

  • 3D models
  • CNC
  • BIM Capabilities
  • DXF files
  • DWG files
  • DWF files
  • Model Transfer
  • Shop drawings
  • DSTC/NC files
  • KSS files
  • PLT files
  • PDF files

Skilled human resources, design flexibility, quality materials and superior brand products are just the commencement. Further we put team efforts, creativeness and accuracy in whatever we execute and develop. In Commercial Engineering we have handled following type of Commercial Projects such as:

  • Textile Mills
  • Hotels
  • Distribution Centers
  • Condominium
  • Warehouses & Stores
  • Attached Multi Unit Housing
  • Telecommunication Towers
  • Breweries

Commercial detailing projects executed and offered by PROZTEEL has always gone beyond expectations of our clients across the worldleading to them choosing us to be their partner of choice for drafting & detailing services.

Commercial Detailing Projects

Restaurant Project

A restaurant project of 97 metric tons capacity. This project was completed over a period of 8 weeks.

Warehouse Project

A commercial project of 150 metric tons capacity. This project was completed over 4 weeks.

Court Building Project

A court building project of 42 metric tons capacity. This project was completed over a period of 7 weeks.


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