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Structural steel detailing and drafting service is the process of creating in-detail drawings that serve as a guiding document for the fabricator to build the kind of steel framework required for any construction project. These drawings have every minute detail needed for the fabricator to understand the details of every steel member required, the connection details needed and how they should be put together to erect the structure.

The architects and engineers convey their requirements and expectations to the contractors and fabricators through these steel detailing drawings. Therefore, steel drafting and detailing is the process that acts as the vital connecting link between the various parties in the construction process. The drawings serve as a blueprint for the planned structure and are crucial in the construction process. Steel Detailers act as a medium through which Architects and Engineers communicate with the Fabricators and Erectors.

The process of structural steel detailing and drafting services demands the highest level of commitment and accuracy involving the usage of the latest and best software. This is essential to deliver high-quality drawings with all the necessary details. There is no room for error in structural steel detailing; only an optimal drawing that lives up to the standards can help achieve a superior structure of the highest safety and quality. The areas of Structural Steel design and drafting that our team has experience with are:

  • Material Take Offs (MTOs)
  • Advanced Bill of Material (ABM)
  • All Types of Steel Columns, Beams, Bracings and Trusses
  • All Types of Stairs and Ladders
  • All Type of Handrails and Guardrails Layouts and Details
  • Anchor Bolt Arrangement Plan
  • Concrete Embeds Layouts and Details
  • Gratings and Floor Plates Layouts and Details
  • Grit Arrangements and Detail Drawings (Structural Shapes)
  • Preparation of Unfolded Drawings for Pipe Materials
  • Single Part Drawings/Gather Sheets Preparation
  • Pipe Rack Supporting Structures
  • Monorail/Crane Runway Supporting Structure
  • Connection Design & Stamping by Professional Engineer

Our Experience:
We are experts in steel detailing with more than a decade of experience. We have successfully completed multiple steel detailing projects across industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors in North America and Europe. This experience also helped us establish a process that delivers an output of the highest quality for our clients.

Our Team:
Our expert team of over thirty engineers, modellers, detailers and project managers work as an extension to your in-house team to deliver your needs while strictly adhering to your inputs and expectations. Our team is well versed in AISC and CISC, among standards delivering projects on time with a primary focus on customer satisfaction.

Our Technology:
PROZTEEL offers high-quality steel detailing services and products using the latest and best 3D modelling and detailing software like TEKLA, SDS2 and Advance Steel. This helps us handle projects of all sizes and kinds. Our processes are automated wherever possible to reduce manual touchpoints, which in turn helps us deliver an error-free output.

Our Clients:
Our team of experienced professionals embed themselves in your team and can meet any expectations placed on us. This partnership has enabled us to form close relationships with all our clients, and this, in turn, has enabled our clients to focus on their core business and leave steel detailing in our capable hands.

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