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CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. It is a way of digitally creating 2D and 3D designs of real-life projects for better planning, understanding, and communication between the design and execution team before the actual construction commences. These designs form the backbone of any architectural plan. PROZTEEL offers dedicated AutoCAD drafting services at competitive prices. We deliver top-notch quality work even when we handle projects of intricate scope and varied complexities.

Our versatile team of designers, modellers, detailers, and quality checkers coordinate with engineers, architects, contractors, and fabricators to deliver high-quality CAD drafting services that are production ready. With over a decade of experience, we have established a systematic and seamless approach that prioritises our client’s unique requirements and helps channel our knowledge, experience, and expertise in delivering customised quality outcomes within an excellent turnaround time.

Technology has transformed every inch of our lifestyle. Engineering drafting services are no exception, and we can say that since its inception, CAD drafting technology has taken the engineering drafting industry by storm. Due to the possibility for keen detailing and analytics in the designs, they are of dominant use in multiple commercial and industrial sectors. The two significant types of AutoCAD drafting services include:

2D CAD drafting services:
2D CAD drafting services are intended to give an additional dimension to the designs sketched on a flat piece of paper. It helps better refine the designs and elevates the same to the next level. They also play a significant role in enhancing the accuracy of the designs and help better communicate the specific design ideas than when it was on paper. Architectural drawings, mechanical drawings, structural design drawings, and electrical and electronic drawings are some standard 2D drafting services commonly required for a firsthand understanding of the design by everyone involved before the commencement of the construction process.

3D CAD drafting services:
3D modelling services include bringing the design to life with real-time dimensions. They are also used to communicate the intricacies of every inch and angle of the plan for better conception and enhanced execution in the construction process. 3D CAD drafting services also have the potential to provide a virtual walkthrough of the design in such a manner that the structure becomes self-explanatory to the end user.

We take pride in mentioning that PROZTEEL’s team is relentlessly adapting to emerging trends, and we keep ourselves updated with recent technology within the shortest span possible. We are known for our superior quality and timely delivery of designs. We have played a significant role in enabling many construction companies to boost their process and gain an edge over their competitors. If you have any needs related to CAD drafting, reach out to PROZTEEL immediately. We promise to help you achieve the best quality in your venture and make the most of our valuable partnership!